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Men's mental health was a final year University project I created to help showcase the importance of a topic not really talked about. In this project there were various outcomes including a series of four beer can labels inspired by the company Northern Monk which featured happy memories and moments men may often experience taking the story straight from photographs of my dad. There are also three web banners and a festival poster for the WOMAD festival in which I wanted to advertise the fact non-alcoholic beers would suit a kid friendly festival. And finally my last pieces were two GIFs and prints inspired by mental health and the MIND charity which showcases a plant growing from a head sharing either a wine or beer glass and sprouting into a brain or heart meaning the conversation around mental wellbeing and alcohol needs addressing.

web banner 2 new.jpg
web banner 3 new.jpg
web banner 1 new.jpg
WOMAD festival poster-01.jpg
blue mind charity print man beer-01.jpg
blue outline mind charity print wine-01.jpg
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